You run a small business and want to use the web to grow your company…but you’re not sure where to start, what tools to use, or what to focus on first.

Or…you’ve been running your business for a while, but your current online presence isn’t working for you.

Things like….

[Issue 1]

[Issue 2]

[Issue 3] and

[Issue 4] drive you nuts….

You need someone to help you understand this stuff in an easy to follow way…

I understand!

And I am here to help you along your journey.

Who is Teresa?











I’m [Your First and Last Name] the founder of [Your Business/Brand name]. I [teach/help/educate/assist] [your target market] in [City, State] do X, Y and Z!

Since [Year you Got Started], I’ve been building blogs + websites and learning all about how to use the web for brand building.

Prior to working as a ________________, I [add a statement about what they did here].

I know that [your target market’s pain point] —> Ex: tech, digital marketing, back pain, acne is challening.

But that is what I am here to help you DO.

If you run a [business, consulting practice, dental office] with 10 or less employees and want to learn how to _________________, _________________, and ________________ you’ve come to the right place.

Work with Me

In my online store, I’m offering workshops, online courses, + other DIY materials to help you use the web for digital marketing like a #BOSS!

If you have a website and you are tired of bad web design that sends potential clients packing, I can help!

It all starts with a complimentary Rockin Website Evaluation where I review your current website and discuss areas of improvement. To schedule your free 15-minute evaluation click here to setup an appointment.

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